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With any hardwood flooring installation, the surface finish will add the last signature touch. It is important to take into consideration the maintenance preferences and traffic conditions a hardwood floor will endure. Choosing from the different hardwood surface finishes will give flooring projects different abilities to its overall look and flooring lifespan.

Hardwood Surfaces Finishes

Hardwood surface finishes are amazing because it is the protective coating that allows the wood to become extremely durable, water-resistant and minimal maintenance care. Each surface finish is different and contains different blends of synthetic resins. They are often referred as urethanes or polyurethanes depending on the selected finish. There are five main types of hardwood surface finishes to choose from.

Hardwood Water-Based Finish

The hardwood water-based finishes are designed to apply clear and will resist turning yellow during the wood floorings lifespan. They tend to have a mild odor when applied, but will go away after about two days when it is completely dried. These finishes are very durable to foot traffic and will hold up great.

Hardwood Oil-Based Finish

The hardwood oil-based finishes are applied as a rich amber color. The mild odor when applied will dry and go away in about a day. These finishes are very rich in color and durable to foot traffic.

Hardwood Acid-Cured Finish

The hardwood acid-cured finishes will appear in a mix of colors ranging from clear to slightly amber. When applied they will have a very potent odor and will take about a day to dry. These finishes tend to contain a shine and will hold up very well to traffic.

Hardwood Moisture-Cured Finish

The hardwood moisture-cured finishes contain a variety of colors ranging from clear to dark amber. Like acid-cured finishes they will have a very potent odor and tend to take a day to dry depending on the humidity conditions. They have a strong odor when applied, and will dry in about two to three hours in humid conditions. These finishes are more moisture-resistant than other finishes and are the “must have” for very damp regions.

Hardwood Wax Finish

The hardwood wax finishes will need to soak into the pores or veins of the wood to form a protective seal. This will tend to appear as a low luster shine or a dull amber color. Depending on the amount of wax required or type used; they tend to have a mild odor that will take two days to dry. These finishes are fairly durable, however it will show spots from water based contaminates. Make sure to blot up anything that is spilled right away to keep this from happening.

Hardwood Acrylic Impregnated or Injection

The hardwood acrylic impregnated finishes are hardwoods that have been injected with a super hard color of paint. This allows any shape to be created to give the impression of words, pictures or a company’s logo into the hardwood flooring. This is very expensive and not suggested for residential uses. We suggest using this within high traffic areas in commercial flooring settings such as a within a commercial store or bar.

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