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Unlike other flooring products we carry, hardwood flooring tends to be very forgiving. Almost all problems can be prevented with proper maintenance and quick clean ups. However when problems do occur, hardwood flooring refurbishing and repairs can normally be done without the help of our team. It is recommended that if you run into any of these situations that you contact Valvano Carpeting, to make sure the proper maintenance procedure is taken.

Before doing any refurbishing or repairs on a hardwood floor, you must fist determine what kind of finish is on your floor. Different actions may need to be done depending on the type of finish that was applied to your hardwood floor.

Hardwood Wax Finishes

The hardwood water-based finishes are designed to apply clear and will resist turning yellow during the wood floorings lifespan. They tend to have a mild odor when applied, but will go away after about two days when it is completely dried. These finishes are very durable to foot traffic and will hold up great.

Stains – Depending on the type of stain that is on the hardwood will determine how to talk it. See below for the various types of stain fixes.

Chewing Gum, Crayon or Candle Wax Deposits – The best way to remove large deposits of these stains is to place a bag of ice on top of the deposit until it is brittle and can crumble apart. Crayon and candle wax can also be removed by carefully heating up the damaged area with a blow-dryer; then by applying pressure to wipe it away with a rag.

Cigarette Burns or Other Accidental Burn Marks – As long as the burned area is not deep into the wood. Rub the area with a fine grit sandpaper or steel wool. You can moisten the steel wool with wax for a much better result. If the burned area is fairly deep, you can remove the charred wood with a flat head screwdriver or penknife. Then rub the area with fin sandpaper. You will need to re-stain, then wax and hand buff it back into shape. Now if an entire plant is burnt it might be ideal to just replace that piece of wood.

Dark Spots, Pet Spots or Ink Stains – You will need to very lightly, rub the damaged spot with a fine grit sandpaper or steel wool. Once the stain is lifted wax the damaged area and refinish with the fine grit sandpaper or steel wool. If this does not get the stain out call, Valvano Carpeting and we will instruct you on how to pull out the stains with household vinegar or we can come out and remove it for you.

Dried Milk, Food Stains – Gently rub and blot the stain with a warm, damp cloth rag and re-wax once the stain is pulled out.

Mold – Lightly rub with a soft rag and the suggested wood cleaner for your floor. For corners use steel wool and the suggested wood cleaner.

Water Stains, White Spots – Gently rub and exfoliate the stained spot with steel wool. Wax the affected area. If this does not work then use a fine sandpaper to buff out the area. Clean it with the suggest wood cleaner and allow the floor to dry. Stain it then wax and hand buff back to its original shine.

Wax Build Up – Use the proper hardwood stripping wax remover for your floor. Use a series of cloths and steel wood to remove the entire waxy residue. Once the floor is completely dry, you will need to wax and then re-buff the floor.

Scratches and Heal Marks – Normally scratches are only on the waxed finished layers. Remove the wax and this will renew the surface scratches or buff out the selected area to a shine. Then re-wax the entire surface if needed. For deeper scratches, you will need to us a fine grit sandpaper to buff out the damaged area. Then re-stain and wax the area.

Hardwood Surface Finishes

Chewing Gum, Crayon or Candle Wax – The best way to remove deposits of these stains is to place a bag of ice on top of the deposit until it is brittle and can crumble apart. Then, if needed, clean the area with the selected urethane product designed for your flooring.

Cigarette Burns or Other Accidental Burn Marks – Gently rub the area with a fine sandpaper, re-stain and then refinish. For deeper burns the individual board might need to be replaced.

Food, Water, Dark Spots or Pet Spots – To remove these stains be sure to use cleaning products specifically for urethane hardwood finishes. The more embedded the stain is, it might requires additional scrubbing and a hardwood flooring scrub pad designed for these floors (this product can be purchased at most hardware stores).

Scratches – We will order you a touch-up kit for urethane finished hardware flooring and this will get rid of these unsightly scratches.

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