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The best property about laminate wood flooring is that it is certainly one of the hardest and toughest flooring options. This makes it certainly much easier to care for but, to get the most out of any laminate flooring it will help to carry out a few cleaning suggestions.

Avoid wet mopping and soaps.

When cleaning your laminate flooring wet mop and soap might actually make your warranty invalid. You need to use specially formulated cleaning products that are designed specifically for laminate floors. We carry a list that the manufactures recommend to not void your warrantee. These products can normally be purchased within your local hardware store or ordered through, Valvano Carpeting’s distributers.

Tips on caring for a laminate floor surface.

Laminate floors are not indestructible and need to be maintained with weekly cleaning. If dirt and debris are left on the surface over time it will start to gouge into the floor. Stop this by placing mats at door entries and use shoe or boot brushes. For high traffic areas sweep daily and vacuum weekly. Secrets to long lasting laminate flooring.

Within the kitchen laminate flooring can easily be damaged from the movement of chairs and tables. All areas that are like this need to constantly be replaced if not maintained properly and there is an easy way to prevent this from happening. Use a felt protector pad for the bottoms of all furniture accessories and this will help prevent gouges on the floor.

Never drag furniture or other heavy objects across laminate flooring. Use two people to move heavy objects to prevent gouging and if this is not feasible, place a blanket under the object and then move it. If any scratch may occur, Valvano Carpeting can order you a laminate repair touch up kit.

Place a rug on heavy trafficked areas, such as hallways or by the sinks in the kitchen. This will help avoid track marks appearing on the floor and prevent water damage. Clean up liquids and any other type of spills as soon as they happen. Even thou laminate flooring is moisture resistant, this is normally only to a small degree. Over time it will become damaged or weaker.

If any type of serious damage that may have occurred just contact Valvano Carpeting and we will get your floor back as close to to its original shine, by repairing the damaged section.

Since, you probably live within the Greater Cincinnati Area or any area with high humidity; you may want to consider purchasing a humidifier to prevent floor expansion. This will help prevent buckling and unattractive gaps between the laminate flooring tiles or planks.

Installing laminate flooring, yourself.

If you are planning on installing the floor yourself, make sure you contact Valvano Carpeting. That way we can make sure you never void your warranty and get the best out of your laminate floor.

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