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Tile flooring is as mesmerizing as it is durable. The amount of innovative designs, patterns and exotic features are hard to overlook. Plan and simple if you are looking for the real deal for awe inspiriting ceramic or stone tiles, Valvano Carpeting’s tile shop will make sure you get the most captivating tile floor anywhere at a quality price in the Greater Cincinnati area.

 Schluter System

The Amazing Schluter System

Contrary to belief, tiles and grout are not 100% waterproof. Moisture will eventually penetrate the area and will collect in the floor structure or wall cavities. This will cause mold and will cause a major problem if not fixed. Stop this headache before it happens with the Schluter System.

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Ceramic tile section

Ceramic, Porcelain and Glaze… Oh My!

Ceramic tiles are used within 80% of every house that has tile flooring. This section will better explain the difference between choosing ceramic, porcelain and non-porcelain, with or without a glaze finish.

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Natural Stone Tile

Beauty with Natural Stone Tile and More

Tile flooring can be manufactured into almost anything, such as real grungy metal all the way to the expensive quartz tiles or even glass. This section we will touch on some of our favorite tiles made from natures elegant beauty.

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Benefits of Tile

Tile Benefits for Commercial or Residential

Not only is tile just used in bathrooms anymore, the durability factors and ease of maintenance, could be exactly the reason to choose tile.

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Flooring Mortars and Grouts

Tile Flooring Mortars and Grouts

Using the right mortar and grout is the key to accent the perfect flooring tile.

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