Magic Fresh Carpet – 20oz. Frieze

Magic Fresh Carpet - Color Stage Lights
Magic Fresh

Magic Fresh

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Fiber: 100% Solution Dyed Polyester

Weight: 20 oz.

Type: Frieze Carpet

Performance Rating: Heavy Traffic

Protetive Layer: Scotchgard

Colors: 28 Different Variations Including Multi-tone and solid

Warranty: 10 Year Residential

Pet Friendly: Yes

Product Description

When unpleasant odors come in contact with the carpet fibers, the Magic Fresh carpet fibers neutralizes the offending odors and releases them as harmless carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air.

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Additional Information

28 colors to choose from. Variations ranging from two toned into solid colors.

Each frieze pile is constructed with 100% Solution Dyed Polyester Filament and Scotchgard. Performance Rating for heavy wear and tear that protects against odors and spills.

  • Removes common household odors –  Such as pet, cooking, smoke and basement smells.
  • Completely safe and natural – Self-renewing, odor formula is safe for pets and people.
  • Breaks down odors –  Odors are not just masked, they are broken down into smaller odorless components and released back into the air. Proven and tested, see below.

Magic Fresh Carpet Protection From Pet Urine Magic Fresh Graph Cigarette Smoke

Source:, 7/24/2014


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