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The Schluter System products are simply amazing and come down to the fact if you can dream it up – more than likely we will be able to create it! In this section we will go over briefly what we can do with these products and give Valvano Carpeting a call to see our, Cincinnati Schluter System deals and pricing.


uncoupling– with DITRA, now cracked tiles can be a thing of the past! The most common subfloors such as Plywood, OSB, and Concrete, well they have their own independent properties as does any tile. This can be a recipe for disaster in environments with excessive moisture, temperature or loads.Damage occurs when the tile, glue, and or subfloor expand or contract at a different rate. This causes the tile material applications to break apart from each other and causes the tile to crack, resulting in an aggravating and often costly repair. The DITRA system “uncouples” your tile from the subfloor allowing for your tile to move independently from the subfloor saving your installation from damage that would have otherwise occurred.

Water Proofing With Ditra

DITRA has a waterproofing property to it as well, having a water tight installation will ensure a long lasting and mold free floor. Made from polyethylene, DITRA prevents spills or any other type of moisture from penetrating the floor and this can potentially cause mold or bacteria to form. When mold and bacteria form, this can lead to personal illness or deterioration of the subfloor.

Vapor management With ditra

DITRA allows for water vapor to easily escape, by using the created free space in the channels of the DITRA System. Allowing for moisture under your tile such as, (moisture escaping fresh concrete) to pass around the floor with ease and escape harmlessly.

Heavy load Distribution With Ditra

DITRA is virtually incompressible when installed it has been scientifically proven to distribute the load and prevent cracking in the tile application. The DITRA system can hold up to even the most extreme weights, such as vehicular traffic and heavy appliances in commercial environments.


Schluter Floor Profiles

These products are a combination of the Schluter family called, DITRA and are especially made for tile flooring. Today’s lightweight construction methods can make installation on a hard surface particularly challenging. These types of tile underlayment’s preform multiple functions that are essential to eliminate cracked tiles and protect the subfloor – then allow for heavy loads and a place for subfloor moisture to escape. All of this is achieved on any type of subfloor surface and makes installation a snap!

Schluter Shower System, Countertops and Kitchen Backsplashes

These Schluter products are a combination of the integrated Schluter family called, KERDI. This family of products work together to eliminate water leaks, the potential for mold growth and drastically reduces the total installation time. Prefabricated EPS foam substrates provide a strong, lightweight alternative to shower base construction. They are extremely useful in large-scale, repetitive jobs, such as hotels, apartments and condominiums for the addition savings in the cost of labor.

Schluter Profiles

With the Schluter Profile products leaving tile edges unfinished will never happen again. These profile finishes will protect tile edges and ensure your installation will stand the test of time. There are many different types of profiles to choose from – ranging from outside and inside wall corners, countertop edging, decorative finishes and colors. One of the latest additions to the line of profile finishes is the Tuscan Inspiration profile line. It offers a ceramic or stone textured touch!

Schluter System Interactive

Words can only say so much about these products. We highly suggest that you take a look at their interactive tile center. It is a fully developed house from the ground up, using all of these products.

You can explore these innovations to their fullest potential at Check it out!

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