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Suppress noise with vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring is able to reduce noise while providing a comfortable underfoot. Unlike other flooring types vinyl flooring provides a nice flexible padding and is referred as a resilient flooring choice.

Vinyl is tested for durability and its cheap flooring.

Tested for quality, vinyl is durable and can maintain its beauty for the years to come. Even under heavy foot traffic it is time tested for ultimate durability. When compared to other flooring types, vinyl offers an economical life at a very manageable price tag.

Compared to every other flooring out there vinyl is one of a cheap floor. Cheap in our store still means a backed quality brand, Armstrong. Our vinyl is cost effective when it comes to comparing it to linoleum, hardwood and tile.

The wonderful aesthetics of choosing vinyl.

Today vinyl floors are created to enhance a room’s, interior environment. Vinyl will virtually mimic nature’s beauty and presents a much “warmer” feel. Interior designers use the limitless number of patterns and colors to make rooms feel larger and more expensive. Since vinyl is so durable, the colors and patterns will last a longtime.

Safety with your vinyl selection.

Most of our vinyl selections are available with a slip-retardant surface. They are suitable for a large number of commercial institutions, such as in healthcare facilities. Today some of our vinyl flooring is even designed to meet other special needs, such as static control within large electronic factories. When deciding on a certain type of vinyl, be sure to take a look at the benefits that your selection might include.

Vinyl is designed for healthy living.

Vinyl stands over carpet with its significant sanitary advantages. Along with being nearly indestructible to mold and water; its healthy characteristic are important in hospitals, nursing homes and day care centers. Almost all of or vinyl’s are designed to prevent contaminates from growing in or around the surface and prevents harmful contaminates from spreading. Vinyl offers its best advantages to help with allergies because it is easy to clean without dispersing mold or pollen into the air.

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